Frequently asked questions

VR is an abbreviation for Virtual Reality. It sounds a bit technical but it is a clever way of detecting the movements of a player during an experience and using these to influence what goes on in the experience and what they player sees through the VR Headset, making the player are a vital part of the experience.

Anyone over the age of 8 can use our equipment and experience Virtual Reality. VR is great for all ages even the elderly can go on a virtual experience all over the world while sitting comfortably in one spot.

To Save Money. Current VR Headsets and Computer equipment are very expensive and require a large empty area in which to operate, plus you need to purchase a sperate software license for each game. Here at VRROOM we have designed our gaming areas to suit single or multiplayer games so as you walk around and interact in the virtual world you will not crash into objects in the real world. We also have a huge range of experiences (software) available for you.

NO! There are a large number of scenarios you can experience in VR. Certainly, you can play games in VR and the amount and types of games you can play are large and varied but you can do other things as well. Complete an Escape Room in VR, go for a walk on the bottom of the Ocean, go to any location on Earth using Google Earth VR, or be more adventurous and go into outer space. Roam through the Pyramids in Egypt, or go for a ride on the Hindenburg (airship). The choices are virtually unlimited.

While we do have discounts and special pricing structures available for special events the standard costs for our experiences are $35 for 30 minutes and $50 for a one-hour time slot.