Buddy Adventures: Attack Of The Wompas!

For Kids Shooter

Buddy Adventures – Attack of the Wompas™ VR is a highly immersive VR adventure game. The game is designed to have you use all of your wits and skills to rescue Buddy, Rocket’s flagship character, from a variety of wily, anthropomorphic opponents. The objective of the game is to rescue Buddy from the misguided Wompas and from the King Wompa who wants to make Buddy his pet. To save Buddy, the player must defeat the Wompas using a variety of gadgets and weapons. Attack of the Wompas is kid-friendly entertainment that we think the whole family will enjoy. The goal for this game is to create a completely new kind of VR experience—with handmade illustrations, original music, and animations—that stirs the underlying emotions of the players. The heightened sense of realism and level of immersion of the game make for a fun and exciting adventure.