Santa Simulator

For Kids Casual

You ring the mysterious bell. Next minute, you're riding in Santa's sleigh, dropping presents in chimneys. Welcome to Santa Simulator where kids squeal with delight and adults become kids again. Santa Simulator will automatically appear in your library when you buy Richie's Plank Experience. How to Play: Use the trigger on your controller to ring the bell and throw presents into the chimneys. How many presents can you deliver? 0 - 5 presents: Santa School Student 5 - 10 presents: Shopping Centre Santa 10 - 20 presents: Elf Level Respect 20 - 30 presents: Hey, no professionals. Oh, you're not? Well you should be. 30 - 40 presents : Next in Line for the Santa Throne 50-70: You are Santa Claus 70+: You are Mrs Claus