(Earth & Space) Ancient Adventures

Educational Exploration

Strap on the headset and open your eyes in our lunar research facility. Not only will you take off on some amazing adventures, but you can also play with the hologram fish aquarium while hanging out on the moon. Step into the time machine and travel back in time millions and billions of years ago to experience the earth as it looked during its earliest years. Don’t be afraid of the dinosaurs...they’re mostly friendly. Wendy the science teacher takes us - in full 360 virtual reality - to Craters of the Moon in Idaho, to understand how craters impacted the world around us. And take a dune buggy ride with Steve, your VictoryVR host, through Silver Lake Sand Dunes. It’s a wild ride as you fly over the sand dunes and see how sand on the East coast of Lake Michigan is overtaking homes. The stories take you back to the beginning of the universe as it explodes into life and follow earth’s formation from the age of volcanoes to the modern era.