Guns'n'Stories: Bulletproof VR

Game is not suitable for children under 16

Shooter Action

Just shooting and fascinating stories! Unforgettably vivid cocktail from emotions, in which we’ve added everything to make a player fall out of reality for a while to receive exactly these bright and fresh emotions we’ve only experienced when were kids. Listen to narratives and go deeply into each story, that you have never seen. You will appear in Sintown world of Wild West era, you need to destroy large amounts of enemies and fight with crafty bosses. Your best fellow travelers are cynical humor and lucky shoots. The game will generously reward you for a desire to move actively – you can evade bullets, shut them down, and hide behind the objects while shooting back in your enemies. An impressive spectrum of weapons (firearms, throwing weapons, and even futuristic arms) allow you to feel like an experienced shooter who is capable of dealing with hordes of attacking enemies alone. We advise you to start from easy levels in order to receive more seamless gaming experience and get tired much less frequently.