Virtual Fighting Championship (VFC)

Multiplayer Action

-----【Virtual Fighting Championship】----- VFC is a PvP action game made specifically for VR. Let your customers battle each other without any hard feelings! :D it will be a funny sight to see two people duking it out while controllably laughing! “By far the most entertaining VR game to watch other people play, VFC is a virtual fight club, where the only rule is to punch your opponent until they cannot fight back....” - Watch our game trailer video: Watch our game overview video: -----One vs One Cage Fight Mode (LAN and Online supported)----- You can absolutely do it all: Jabs, hooks, crossovers, Dempsey rolls, fiery fists, lightning strike… you name it, all your favourite reality & fantasy fighting moves can now be done inside the virtual world. Players will be choosing one out of an ever-expanding pool of ‘avatars’ to fight as, and through the game design of each of those unique characters, VFC is able to achieve its core design philosophy of allowing players of all fighting calibre to be able to enjoy the game at a competitive level. For the sake of explaining, let’s pretend that each physical punch you are throwing out to your opponent is like an ‘auto-attack’ in your traditional mouse click action game, then each special ability that we have in VFC will also be comparable to the ‘ability spell’ that costs mana to cast in the traditional mouse clicking games. In VFC, there will be a diverse range of characters, some will put an emphasis on your actual fighting skills in real life (emphasis on auto attack damage), and some will put an emphasis on your quick wit and tactical thinking (emphasis on the smart usage of your ability spells). -----The current roster of avatars:----- (Visit to see character description in more detail) Karl: A taste of true fighter, bring out your true fighting skills! Poison: Fighting pace manipulator, control the pace of your fight, fight with a strategy! Fala: A graceful trap master, fight smart and use your ability skillfully! -----To Contact us, email us at: ----- we promise to respond to you promptly (although keep in mind our office is located in Australia, so time zone difference might differ)