Totally Realistic Sledding VR

Action Sports Racing Casual

Totally Realistic Sledding VR is the craziest sledding simulator out there for the VR! It's a fast and over-the-top arcade skiing/sledding style racer where you jump off cliffs, slide off ramps and bash everything out of your way. Carve the snow and avoid obstacles whilst trying to get the best time possible. Carry out tasks to unlock a variety of wacky new sleds and gloves. No, its not another head tilt game. You actually have to move your arms this time. A lot. Key features Over 10 different sleds and gloves to choose and buy from the shop Sled/ski and experience the cool snow in any season - its VR afterall! Over 30 unique tasks to complete Practically no velocity cap - go fast as your arms can handle! Currently 6 fast and steep levels Embrace your inner child - tons of easter eggs Plans for the future Many more levels Even more quirky items from the shop Sled board tricks Sled accesories Available for Arcades on SpringboardVR